We are very excited to bring you the special edition Indotech Miata B2A Splitter system! The B2A Splitter System is designed to handle the racing loads of your NB Miata! This chassis mount system features advanced aero enhancements to improve down-force in the front of your race car. Every kit comes with a pair of support rods, hardware kit, chassis mounts, air dam, splitter winglets, and a splitter of your material choosing! Please expect a maximum one month lead time as each splitter is custom made to your order. For custom material orders and specialized splitter applications, please get in touch with us via email so we may work on meeting your needs. The B2A splitter is proudly designed, manufactured, and tested in the U.S.A.


Please check the lead time page for current lead times.

Special Edition B2A Splitter System - IMS Miata

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