Our EWP adaptor is designed to make plumbing your street setup as easy as possible. 

Keep in mind the location of your turbo if you are interested in this setup. Accomodations can be made if necessary, and 3D printed units are available for test fitting before placing your order. 


Base setup: Pictured (will also be engraved and have an 1/8" NPT port pre-tapped)


Pressure Setup: Includes pressure cap, and 2x -6orb ports and 1 evap port


FC Stock Alt Setup: Keeps the FC alternator bracket in the OE position


FD Stock Alt Setup: Keeps the FD alternator bracket in the OE position


Standard design is -16ORB all around, seal using your gasket!! That bridge is too small for a reliable o-ring and we want to keep those chambers separated.


If you need bigger ports or a different angle, please specify in the custom comments section.


Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Please check the lead time page for current lead times.