There are plenty of options out there for incomplete Glock lowers, but very few that offer the level of customization that we offer here. 


Our nylon/carbon fiber incomplete lower offers a fresh take on 3D printed pieces, courtesy of a powerful Markforged printer. Enjoy improved strength and durability even with our version of a "polymer" unit. 


Our all aluminum incomplete lower means you get the durability and reliability of a full metal unit, with the added flexibility normal to our product line... OPTIONS!

Pick from our standard grip options, mag release buttons, and mag well designs, grab a simple style incomplete lower without all the bells and whistles, or send in your requests for a unit that is truly unique! 


Nylon/Carbon 80% lowers retain the normal Glock style mag release. 

Aluminum 80% lowers only use a compression spring release (same fitment with mags, but AR style button instead due to machining restrictions)


No, we will not be selling a fixture. We cannot offer anything new or interesting to the fixture market. We are not responsible for any repercussions once this item leaves our facility. Please remember to follow all your local laws. 

Current lead time is about 3-5 days before shipping confirmation depending on customizations and available materials. Unfortunately we CANNOT ship internationally for the time being, more research needs to be conducted before I make internation orders available. 


$150.00 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price
Mag Well Options
Grip Options