Production And Lead Time

While we pride ourselves in manufacturing as much of our products in house as possible, we still have a limited number of machines. 

I (Nader - Engineer) am setting up this page to attempt to provide more accurate updates to our production schedule, based on each machine backlog. If you have questions of course email me at anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can with an update. 


I will be updating this page every week because almost every day something is changing with our production schedule based on varying priorities of work. 

Please also review the policies BEFORE you place an order. We only have material in stock, not completed products, so everything has a lead time unless we specifically advertise same day shipping. Same day shipping is our end goal! We're pushing to get there every day, but until we do, please extend your patience. 


Our current OVERALL lead time is 2 months. Regardless of what each product states, please expect a 2-month window to receive your order. Specific lead time inquiries are welcome on the contact page. 

VMC 6030