Production And Lead Time

While we pride ourselves in manufacturing as much of our products in house as possible, we still have a limited number of machines and personnel and very high demand for our systems. 

I (Nader - Engineer/ Owner) am setting up this page to provide insight into our production schedule. This schedule changes daily internally, but I will be updating the sheet here once a month every month. Sometimes we get everything planned done, oftentimes items spill over, that's just the nature of running a machine shop. This schedule also only reflects when an order or part will be cut, processes post-machining/ infusion are not shown. Starting early 2021, our schedule will be prepared based on the most efficient production routes, as opposed to customer orders. Basically, instead of cutting 5-10 different products in a day and losing valuable time with setup changes, we will cut the same product 5-10 times a day, improving our ability to ship items quickly and hold inventory for those same-day shipping expectations. This is how most machine shops operate, so expect larger delays for custom orders now, as they will not be the priority moving forward. 

Please also review the policies BEFORE you place an order. We already have an overbooked schedule and goals to meet, and order cancellations and changes don't just affect you, they affect everyone waiting in line behind you. 

Our current OVERALL lead time is 2 months. Regardless of what each product states, please expect a 2-month window to receive your order. Specific lead time inquiries are welcome on the contact page. If you have been waiting longer than 2 months, thank you for being patient, your order is obviously a higher priority to get out the door, and is included in the below schedules.