We want to do our part to help protect those protecting us. So we are opening our design services to hospitals and nurses that need help coming up with a filtered mask alternative to expensive PAPR suits and to provide a solution for N95 shortages. Any medical professional is invited to reach out for design assistance, should the options on the website not be sufficient for your region. 

Working with a local hospital, we were able to come up with a quick and easy adaptor that allows the use of a HEPA filter with a standard full-face scuba mask. From what I've found, these full face masks are very cheap ($20-$40) and the filters aren't overly expensive (also $20-$40). The adaptor I made is printed with nylon just like the rest of the product line, and has an oval attachment to the scuba mask, and an o-ring sealed attachment to the filter. 


I am working on a  filter cartridge I can include with the adaptor, but at this time I do not have a filter unit I can ship with adaptors. 

A couple notes regarding this setup: 

1. It looks like most masks have this same connection, measure yours and see if it matches up. If so then the adaptor below should work for you. IF NOT, then please send me dimensions to the best of your ability on your mask, and I will make the adaptor fit what you have. 

2. It also appears that the PAPR filters all have the same thread pitch/diameter. Again, check yours against the specs below, if you have a different thread or different type of connection for the filter, then I will change the design to suit your setup.

3. If you need something immediately, and I am unable to meet demand, please email me for access to the 3D print file so you can have a local 3D printer make you an adaptor or batch of adaptors. 

4. Design work for custom adaptors for your hospital is on the house, files to print in your area are on the house, however, please assist in covering material costs if you want us to ship out an adaptor. 

5. Adaptors will be taking top priority, so expect shipping within 1-2 days. I cannot sell the mask and filter though, please order the mask through any online retailer that has them available, and consult with your hospital for availability on PAPR filters. 


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