Introducing our long-awaited, much anticipated, highly innovative PATENT PENDING throttle body system. The Aperture RV-01 is a long time dream of our owner and lead engineer Nader Sharif. Titanium blades regulate flow into your engine system unlike any other throttle body on the market, offering optimized characteristics in both air flow and fuel atomization. 


Its modular design allows use in a plethora of applications, whether it be in ITB configuration or single throttle body setups. The titanium blades offer high strength, corrosion resistance, and are smoothly operated via a helical gear. Easily convert your butterfly to the aperture design by installing your linkage, or using one of our billet units provided in the kit. 


The beauty of the Aperture RV-01 is it offers a 1 size fits all approach to throttle body sizing. Simply set your throttle stop and install the provided venturi inserts, and enjoy optimized flow for your chosen bore size. 


The all-aluminum 6061-T6 body is of course machined in house, in Southern California, where we are able to offer different bolt patterns and design changes specifically catered to your race builds. 

This product is under active development, and as such, new performance data, design changes, and new application support will be updated here.